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Hand Made in the Midlands

Pat Gorman Pies -The Story Continues..

Our family has been making Pork Pies for over 80 years. The original recipe was our great grandma Elizabeth’s Back in the 1930’s our great uncle Pat and great uncle Jack both had butchers shops in our home town of Bloxwich. Pork pies were made in the back of the shop using great grandma’s recipe. Pies were sold to the good people of Bloxwich alongside traditional butcher’s products of meat, faggots, tripe, etc. All meat was purchased from the Walsall abattoir, FMC LTD, until the family started their own abattoir early in the 1970’s. That’s when our father, Pat Gorman, joined the family business.

Pat Gorman left school with no qualifications and few expectations. He started work at 15 at FMC ltd. By the age of 27 he was a fully experienced slaughter man and butcher. He and his elder brother Sidney opened their own butchers shop in Samuel Street, Bloxwich and an abattoir in Willenhall. Pat would go to cattle markets and farms himself to select the animals that he would slaughter in the abattoir and sell in the family shops. Pat also made Pork Pies and scratchings in the back of the Butchers Shop, following in his uncles footsteps.

In 1974 he decided that the shop was no longer big enough to handle the quantity of scratchings and pies he needed to produce to meet customer demand, so he purchased the factory premises on Central Drive. We are still here today and have developed the original unit and expanded across 3 adjacent factory units as the business has grown.

At the peak of the Black Country scratching trade Pat was using over 60 tonnes of pork rind a week, in order to meet demand. Pork pies were made alongside the scratchings until, the 1990s, Pat stopped making scratchings completely to give Pat Gorman’s Pork pies centre stage.

Our artisan traditional pies are made using the same traditional techniques of hand raising a short crust pastry, packed with quality pork, combined with a special blend of herbs and spices, cooked to perfection, filled to the brim with gelatine and finished with a glaze. In addition to the classic pork pie we also produce a range of speciality pies using a combination of top quality ingredients that complement each other to expand our range.

Our production team have extensive knowledge in the traditional craft of creating pies. Our in house butcher personally oversees that all the fresh meat that is used is up to Pat’s high standard. Our pies are quality controlled throughout production ensuring that the end result is top quality.

Our current customer base ranges from Scotland to Cornwall, and include wholesale, retail, food service, delicatessens, farm shops and markets. We also produce uncooked products for in store, individual, home “bake off” as well as supplying frozen empty uncooked cases for cafes’ delicatessens and caterers so that their own fillings can be used alongside our delicious pastry to create unique pies.

We have been accredited by Safe & Legal/Salsa since 2009 and have also won Great Taste Stars for a number of products in our range.

Our 80 years family experience of making pies, and an in-depth knowledge and understanding of meat quality we feel is reflected in our pies today.

We believe that our pies are perfect and will satisfy all pie lovers.